Our solution to sites where the single- or dual grade rotate laser is not an option due to the slopes or the complicity of the proposed terrain.



The GPS Antenna is one of the greatest things the Construction Industry can use. By receiving signals from satellites it can locate itself almost anywhere in the world accurately almost straight away.

The reason it’s not so widely used is that you don’t only want to know the coordinates of a point but you want to know their relation to your design and the story gets more complicated.

By sorting this out we can help you to harvest its benefits.

  • Leica Instruments
  • Remote support
  • Flexibility
  • Site Engineer Supervision
  • Quick Response


Just grab the antenna and receive the data immediately.


There are projects where the single- or dual grade rotate laser is not enough

Our GPS antenna arrives prepared. All the information loaded into it so you can start immediately after a short training.

We made sure every step to be ‘FAILSAFE’



Creating 3D model of the terrain by using design layout



On site we do the necessary setup and explain how it works. It's not rocket-science



Cross-check the model if it matches with the layout. If so the Terrain model for the GPS can be generated and loaded into controller



Replace the Spin laser and start using the GPS. We would come on weekly basis and survey the area done independently to make sure everything goes well.

The controller tells you exactly how far you are from the proposed terrain level. The results start flowing once you switch the antenna and controller ON, wherever you are on the field.



Having subscription of Remote Desktop application, we are capable of logging in the Controller from the office and make changes if necessary.

  • In case there is a question, by seeing the same screen the Foreman sees, we can help efficiently by showing where to go, what to do
  • Whenever the design changes we can make amendments on the model in the office and upload it to the controller immediately. The device will provide the new details matches with the latest design.


There are control points/stations left nearby where you can go back anytime and check if the instrument is working accurately. Whenever you are in doubt the is a place where you can check the instrument.

The rate also includes control surveys on a weekly basis.

One of our colleagues comes to the site and surveys the finished areas independently. This way there is a chance to uncover and solve any problem before it goes too far.


Every job is different.

Get in touch with us to choose the best method and hardware for your job. There is even option to remove the inaccuracy you'd receive as a result of not keeping it vertical by choosing the tilt sensor option.

Did you know...


  • All of our colleagues are Civil Engineers with Bachelor or master's degree and have years of experience
  • Working with us means that you hire a team working for you instead of one Site Engineer
  • The Setting Out Report of marking Column/Wall centre lines on reinforcement can also be used for checking the cover for the bars as it contains the level of the point we marked?
  • The Setting Out Report is a perfect solution to follow the revision of the design was in use on the day of Setting Out?
  • The Setting Out Proposal shows you the lines we can mark you straight away upon request
  • CSI SouthEast Ltd owns several Leica Total Stations (Robotic and Non-Robotic) and GPS/GNSS Rover
  • Our Instruments are calibrated and maintained regularly
  • 99% of cases we can be on site in 24 hours from the phone call
  • CSI SouthEast is fully covered with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance


  • Initial preparation, generating 3D models based on design drawings
  • Leica iCON GPS Antenna
  • Unlimited RTK Correction via GSM Network
  • Leica CC80 Rugged Tablet PC, Win10 (military standard, IP67)
  • Vodafone mobile Internet connection for Remote Access
  • Leica Tablet holder
  • GPS Antenna Pole
  • Bipod for the pole
  • Initial Training (usage, maintenance, etc.)
  • Remote Support via phone
  • Site Engineer visit on a weekly basis (control surveys of the finished areas)

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