About us


By recognising that the Construction Industry have changed and stepped towards being more and more efficient we can provide what you need.


We are the company of the 21st century



Nowadays, information is everything and have moved online to be available anywhere.


  • Online document management
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • Time-lapse cameras
  • Monitoring
  • Liaising
  • IoT


The methods have changed significantly in the last couple of years. The 'Old School' methods, due to the fact that they are slower and less reliable, are not compatible with the expectations. The companies have to keep records of everything. Hard copy is just a printed online electronic document today. New ideas and solutions must answer to this challenge.


To fit to the expectations we comitted to high standards:

  • Qualified and professional colleagues
  • Leica Robotic/Non-Robotic Total Stations (maintained and calibrated regularly)
  • Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner
  • GPS/GNSS Rover
  • Powerful Workstation to back the sites
  • 3D optimised CAD software for Setting Out files, Cut/Fill exercise, Volume Estimation
  • Cloud-based drawing folders for each site to ensure the access of them anytime, anywhere
  • PDF files issued with Layers (switch ON/OFF layers when necessary)
  • Setting Out Proposal drawings to show you the relation between the Original drawing and the points /lines we are about to mark
  • Setting Out Report files with any relevant information
  • Overlaid drawings to explain any problem among original layouts before the day of setting out
  • 3D walk-through models of sites


All of our documents are provided in electronic format and comply with today's expectation.



Our main priority is to works safe and do not endanger others safety either. Our main goal that everyone gets home safe.

Due to the fact that we work small and large scale projects we need to be sure that we comply to the expectations above and our colleagues can recognise any dangerous situation.

At CSI SouthEast Ltd all engineers hold the following:

  • Valid and Relevant CSCS card
  • ROSTA AAC (Asbestos Awareness Certificate) Training

We also share information among us about near misses and safety issues and always take action to eliminate the risk in the future. These Tool-Box Talks can raise the level of the safety of our work.

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